How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally?


Before, we talk about how to reduce Cholesterol naturally, let’s first find out what cholesterol is. Cholesterol is an important organic molecule, required by every human body. There are two sources by which cholesterol levels are influenced – natural production by liver and diet composition. The vegetarian diet contains a substance called trans-fat (which is not considered to be healthy). High sugar diet is also a rich source of Cholesterol. To move into the body, Cholesterol requires protein. When Cholesterol and protein combines, a new substance called lipoprotein is formed. This lipoprotein is not harmful, as long as it stays at an acceptable level. The moment it becomes excessive, cholesterol-problems start.

To control cholesterol levels, it is important that first you stay up-to-date with your cholesterol level. Book a Test now by following these links:

Name of Test Cholesterol Total HDL Cholesterol Direct LDL Cholesterol Direct
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  1. Cholesterol Total – This test examines you for the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  2. HDL Cholesterol Direct – This test helps you detecting the potential for Coronary artery disease and various lipoproteinemia.
  3. LDL Cholesterol Direct – This test helps to assess the risk of Coronary artery disease.

ldl cholesterol

Once you are aware of your cholesterol level, the next logical step is to know how to control it. But instead of going to your medicine cabinet for help, here is how you can control cholesterol naturally!

  1. Eating healthy – The food you eat is the primary determining factor of the cholesterol level in the body. Hence, go for diets rich in soluble fibre, beans, oats, vegetables, and fruits, as it will help you in decreasing LDL Cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein/bad cholesterol). Omega3 fatty acids, commonly found in walnuts, almonds, will assist in increasing HDL Cholesterol (high-density lipoprotein/good cholesterol).
  2. Avoid smoking – If you are addicted to smoking, then your cholesterol level is a thing of concern for your health issues. Avoid smoking to maintain your HDL cholesterol levels and to prevent increasing LDL cholesterol levels.
  3. Take Alcohol Occasionally – Occasional consumption of alcohol can assist you in increasing HDL. However, the level of alcohol consumed needs to be kept in check as any excess consumption can result in counter-effects.
  4. Exercise regularly – Benefits of exercising are manifold, controlling your cholesterol level being one of them. Even a thirty-minute workout involving a brisk walk or any sports like swimming, running, will go a long way in helping you handle your cholesterol issues. Exercise can be customised as per the capacity and capability of your body.
  5. Watch your weight – Maintaining your weight at a healthy level and shedding any extra kilos aids in balancing any discrepancies in your cholesterol level. Following the steps given above will automatically contribute to your weight-watch.

The above tips can help you reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol naturally. But the first step is awareness, follow the links given above in this article to know where your cholesterol levels stand. Unhealthy cholesterol often goes undiagnosed due to lack of regular tests on the part of the patient. Get now your body check-up was done. After all, when it comes to cholesterol, it is better to stay safe than feeling sorry.


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