What are the signs of too high or too low blood sugar level in the body?

At times, no matter how hard you try to maintain your blood sugar level in the prescribed range as prescribed by your physician, it can widely fluctuate – go too high or sweep too low. Blood sugar that is too high or too low can make you feel sick and even trigger a series of problems in the body. Some signs that indicate too high or too low sugar level in the body are as follows:-

High Blood Glucose Symptoms (Hyperglycaemia) High Blood Glucose Causes Low Blood Glucose Symptoms (Hypoglycaemia) Low Blood Glucose Causes
Thirst Too much food Shakiness Too little food
Hunger Too little exercise Sweaty Too much medicine
Frequent urination Too little exercise Hunger More activity than usual
Fatigue Stress Anxiety Too long between meals or snacks
Nausea Illness Nervousness
Blurred vision Injury Confusion Alcohol
Headache Short time between meals and snacks Acting angry or irritable
Nervousness Confusion Slurred speech
Headache Tingling around lips Numbness of feet and hands

Each of these signs must not be ignored and proper precautions must be taken to control the problem.


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