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Thyroid Test – The Conditions, Definition, Types and Treatment

Thyroid Test

The butterfly gland of our body, is more commonly known as the Thyroid Gland. If seen from a clear perspective, it can be seen that we have never been given importance to it. How many of us have actually gone for a complete thyroid test. Yes, it is a fact that we have never given a thought to this gland? Did We??

The answer is almost a NO, then it is high time that we all must think again!!
This is a gland that is actually tucked away at the front of your neck, which, is measured to be approximately about the size and shape of a bowtie. It is also true that, at some point it might be giving you some kind of alarming requests, for getting it checked. Hence, it is the time for you to move ahead, and proceed to see a doctor as soon as possible. Yes, it is really very important that all of us must at some point or the other move into the process of getting a thyroid test done!


It is a fact that Thyroid can be considered as one of the hard working glands. Yes, this is the sole gland which tells your body how to rapidly tick over by simply generating the known hormone called thyroxine. Most of the girls must watch out more for this disease to happen, as every 1 in 50 women gets struck by this. Yes, hence, every girl must always move in for a complete thyroid test.

How to acknowledge about the thyroid gland and the exact thyroid problem

If we go about with the authentic physical description, then located near the Adam’s apple this is a two inches long gland that simply lunges and is completely wrapped around your windpipe. The recognition of Thyroid Gland comes in form. This significant bugger is supposed to produces several important hormones. Two of the most important are the Triiodothyronine (T3) and Thyroxine (T4), which is basically designed to assists in regulating both growth and metabolism. This disease can definitely be recognized with the help of thyroid test.


Recognizing the vitality of T3 and T4 hormones

In the complete discussion we have seen that both the hormones T3 and T4, are indeed the most important one and it has also been discovered that maximum amount of benefit is achieved from them. Yes, the vitality of T3 and T4 hormones are definitely necessary, however there is also a tremendous importance of thyroid test. Let’s just have a simple look at some of their beneficial traits

  1. One of the chief aid of this is to help all the cells convert both calories as well as oxygen into energy.
  2. This is as well the one that determines the growth and even the complete development of the tissues, involving that of the brain and the skeleton.
  3. It is also the one supposed to completely activate the BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). In order words, this is the one that helps to simply increase the BMR level, in order to stimulate the entire amount of energy you burn, even when sitting still.

The complete rundown of Thyroid Gland

It is our pituitary gland that indeed produces the Thyroid Stimulating Hormone also known as TSH, which is supposed to actually stimulate the production of the thyroid hormones, both T3 and T4. It is definitely the one considered to be a very common theory that all these T’s is actually dependent on the exact amount of iodine we intake, from both foods as well as supplements. Hence, in order to completely recognize all the aspects it is really very important to get a thyroid test done immediately.

All these hormones is to actually implant and regulate the entire cell growth along with the development of the same by completely transforming crabs, proteins and fat into energy. However the catch, here is that both the Iodine and Vitamin D are effectively vital to stimulate the T’s to perform their task. Therefore, one can surely recognize the aspect and effects of thyroid test.

So in a total rundown of this gland, we have been made clear that when we are healthy, the extraction of the hormones in our system goes in a normal way, the thyroid gland is the one that always performs and even produces hormones in quite an effective way. The best way is to make your tests cleared and get a complete thyroid test done immediately.

Nevertheless, things can as well simply turns out to be whacky, when in the world of thyroid an upheaval occurs. Hence, both the conditions of too little and too much of this good thing can indeed cause some severe problems, which ultimately leads to the following two conditions, namely:

  1. Hypothyroidism
  2. Hyperthyroidism

Both these conditions can only be detected with the help of an authentic thyroid test.

The Difference between Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism


An Introduction
Let us today have a debate and think it in this way, that the word Hypo means not enough, or even accordingly when your thyroid gland actually does not at all produce enough amount of essential thyroid hormones, (both T3 and T4), one can be rest assured of the fact that they are the eventually popping up the symptoms of what we commonly recognize as Hypothyroidism.

The Major Causes for Hypothyroidism
There are in fact numerous reasons owing to which this particular disorder develops, let us have a look at some of them:

  1. First, by the simple and complete removal of the thyroid gland
  2. Second, when the hypothyroid conditions is indeed present right from birth
  3. Third, when there is an inflammation of the thyroid gland
  4. Fourth, there is an immense amount of radiation exposure
  5. Lastly, the existence of an autoimmune disease commonly known as the Hashimoto’s Disease

The Thyroid Symptoms for the condition of Hypothyroidism
it is said that one of the major symptoms for hypothyroidism definitely includes difficulty in metabolizing the carbohydrates and even the sugars, weight gain, depression, irregular periods, and sometimes joint pain, sensitivity to both heat and cold, as well as there is always a tendency of high cholesterol, the tightness in the throat, and even the vision problems, dryness of skin along with the thinning of hair, sometimes panic attacks. You may also find some varied type of upheaval occurring within your body. Hence, all the symptoms and the conditions of thyroid can be engulfed with the help of a good thyroid test.

The Complete Diagnosis with Thyroid Test
Determining that there are some blood levels of the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), is the main basic way of actually diagnosing hypothyroidism. If the TSH level is said to be above normal you are then detected with the condition of hypothyroidism.

The Treatment for Hypothyroidism
A Consultation to the doctor in this particular case is always and indeed considered to be the best way to treat yourself. However, taking all these into a complete synthetic hormone replacement, which is in fact quite identical to T4 can be one of the treatments. You may at times even refer to always keep this in mind of taking adequate amount of iodine to be healthy, while it must also be remembered that an excess of it, may truly worsen or cause you hypothyroidism.

The treatment can only go right under certain specific conditions. Hence, it can only be said and proved with an authentic and genuine thyroid test.


An Introduction
If we completely think about the condition of hyperthyroidism, then it can be seen that in the most of the creative manner, you can always identify and even recognize it as a lovely and majorly butterfly gland, going on a nectar bender. Yes, it is very true to the fact that when your thyroid glands makes that more amount of hormone than the usual one, then most of the bodily functions always speed up their rate, along with an increase in the rate of metabolism.

The major cause for hyperthyroidism
There are indeed many aspects and even reasons which actually leads to the severe cause of Hyperthyroidism, if we have a complete list of them one after the other, then it can be adequately and sequentially be arranged in the following order

  1. First, the entire inflammation of the thyroid gland
  2. Second, the absolute consumption of too much iodine or at times even an excess amount of intake of the excessive synthetic thyroid hormone to treat the ailment of hypothyroidism
  3. Third, when there is the birth of thyroid nodules or even lumps in the thyroid
  4. Lastly, a very severe deficiency of the vitamin B12

The thyroid symptoms for the ailment of hyperthyroidism
Nervousness, along with some severe mood swings and even irritability, heat intolerance, as well as the development of a goiter, some tremendous weight loss, rapid yet irregular heartbeat and at times even the aspect of insomnia all can simply direct towards the complete development of Hyperthyroidism within your body.

The diagnosis with thyroid test

When you actually get your Hyperthyroidism checked, there are in fact some very vital and important blood tests that needs to be measured for the same purpose. These are the tests that are known as thyroid test. Following are indeed the conditions which determine an accurate and absolute recognition

  1. When the TSH levels are extremely low
  2. When the so called T3 and T4 levels are actually enormously high
  3. The Radioactive Iodine Uptake certainly shows abnormal results

The complete treatment for hyperthyroidism
Again it can well be said that the entire treatment can actually be done or rather be done absolutely and even accurately only when you have indeed consulted a specialist. However, it can always be mentioned here that the Treatment of this ailment, also known as hyperthyroidism is far trickier and even mostly individualized depending on the basic cause of the disease.

There are in fact some authentic options like:

  1. Medication
  2. The radioiodine therapy
  3. Surgery

Theses mentioned aspects are indeed required in order to cure this particular disease. Though there are not much of the so called holistic treatment for this, yet a good thyroid diet, along with some amount of upgradation in your lifestyle can definitely improve the overall health. Thus, the treatment is acutely possible when there is a genuine thyroid test being conducted here.

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