Patient is the King at LPL

It has been more than five decades that LPL is serving the nation in the field of diagnosis utilizing latest techniques in Laboratory Medicine. We are today proud to be the most trustworthy and Quality conscious laboratory in India. ( LPL is the first to attain laboratory accreditation and quality certifications. e g CAP, NABL, ISO )

Focus through out has been our patient …….. our sole target audience

lpl patient

The smoothness of operations here is that of a conveyer belt. At each stage hurdles are anticipated and eradicated so that our patients are not only satisfied but delighted. An insight into the planed structure of our MAIN LAB-

Registration-May I help you?-Patient Coordination and Phlebotomy area shows that as soon as the patient enters our premises efforts are made to make his / her visit as short, hassle free, comfortable, painless and informative as possible.


Furthermore we take pride in saying that at LPL we nurture long term relationships. A dedicated customer care team ensures that patient feedback is collected , assessed and analysed to enable management in formulating policies for further patient satisfaction



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