Apr 5, 2016

How to Control Diabetes in Just 4 Steps?


Diabetes is a well-known and common metabolic disease where the patient’s blood sugar levels are higher or lower than normal. The reasons could be numerous.

  • Firstly pancreas, the producers of insulin, could not produce sufficient insulin to control the blood sugar.
  • Secondly, the insulin produced was underutilized because the body cells didn’t respond to it.

Before moving on to the ways of reducing diabetes let’s explore the various types of diabetes.

On Wikipedia, around eight types of diabetes are listed, but we will be discussing the two primary and most common types of diabetes, they are:

  1. Type 1 Diabetes: When Pancreas stop producing sufficient amount of insulin. This kind of diabetes candevelop at any age, but tends to strike early and is prevalent among children.
  2. Type 2 Diabetes: When insulin is produced in irregular quantity. This type of diabetes is more likely to develop among adults, or in later stages of life.

How to take control of diabetes before it controls you

Diabetes is a lifestyle altering ailment that can force you to make quite a few changes in your life. However, it does not imply the end of the world, and here are some ways in which diabetics can control their level, and non-diabetics can reduce the risk of it altogether:

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  1. Healthy diet: As diabetes is associated with blood sugar level, which in turn is influenced by what you eat, consume more of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low-fat dairy products. Also, add more non-starchy food to your diet. One major and shared mistake that many diabetics commit is fasting. It may lead to various serious health issues, and should be avoided at all cost.
  2. Watch your weight: Records show that overweight people are more prone to diabetes than those who have a fit body and an adequate level of the weight. Any extra kilos you have will be bad news for your blood sugar level. You must, therefore, make hard efforts to maintain a mass index to reduce the risk of diabetes.
  3. Exercise Regularly: Regular exercise is the finest way to balance your blood sugar level. Any occasional spike or dip can be countered with a suitable workout and controlled before it develops into diabetes.
  4. Stay stress-free: The fight against diabetes requires both, physical and mental strength. Both factors, in turn, can influence your level or even the risk of developing diabetes. Hence, staying stress-free is an indispensable key to a win in this fight. The best ways to overcome stress is yoga and meditation, which releases stress and helps you relax.

Diabetes is difficult but not impossible to control or fight. Healthy lifestyle choices will go a long way in putting you in charge.

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