Nov 13, 2017

Liquid Biopsy cfDNA, EGFR

liquid biopsy

Liquid Biopsy

Clinical Utility • Simple non-invasive blood draw.
• Not dependent on availability of tissue sample.
• Utilizes circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) to provide comprehensive tumor mutational. profle.
• This is an in-house developed test useful. for the detection of exon 19 deletion (p.E746_A750deletion), Exon 20 point mutation (T790M) and Exon 21 point mutation (L858R).
Patient Selection Patients with limited traditional. cancer therapy options:
• Metastatic Cancer
• Refractory or resistant cancer
Technology Digital. Droplet PCR
TAT Mon / Thu 9 am; Report Fri / Tue
Specimen 10 mL Whole blood in 1 Streck tube.

Comparison between tissue biopsy & liquid biopsy

Tissue Biopsy  Liquid Biopsy
Lack of tumor heterogeneity Representation of intra-tumoral complexity
Not an option in severely ill patients Can be a substitute for primary biopsy in severely ill patients
No periodic monitoring for progression/ recurrence Dynamic monitoring of molecular changes for progression/recurrence
Obtained by surgery, an expensive procedure. Not easily obtained Body fluid/blood is collected by a simple inexpensive procedure. Easily obtained
Some pain and risk involved Minimal pain and risk involved
Invasive and uncomfortable (possibility of clinical complications) Minimally invasive

When to use Liquid Biopsy?

• Patients under treatment to monitor therapy response and drug resistance
• Patients whose tumor is inaccessible
• Patients in remission for monitoring cancer recurrence
• Patients diagnosed with cancer for molecular profiling and therapy match
• Patients who have failed other treatments
• Patients with metastatic cancer

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