Jun 10, 2016

7 Early Signs of Pregnancy

early signs of pregnancyThe early signs of pregnancy bring immense happiness into the life of a woman and her family as they await a new member to join their family mesmerizing everyone with his/her sweet and alluring smile and actions. A woman desirous of becoming a mother keeps looking for even the slightest of the signs and symptoms that may indicate that a new life is budding inside her. However, not all the symptoms, identical to early pregnancy, would mean that one is pregnant. Some opt for pregnancy tests, in the hope that it would turn positive while others come to know that they may be expecting the good news by noticing below the mentioned prominent signs of pregnancy.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

There are several ways to recognize the changes happening inside the body as an early sign of pregnancy. Here is the list of various early clues that nature leaves behind to let women know they are expecting:

  • Sensitive Breasts: The level of progesterone (the hormone that stimulates the uterus to prepare for pregnancy) start increasing when one conceives, and the milk ducts start preparing themselves for breastfeeding. Sensitive /Tender breasts accompanied with tingling and soreness of nipples are one of the early symptoms of pregnancy.
  • Spotting: Spotting also known as implantation or light bleeding is a common symptom indicating that pregnancy is around the corner. It takes place when developing embryo implants itself onto the lining of the uterus. Most women don’t experience any spotting at all whereas, few assume it to be a light period. Therefore, it is suggested that if a lighter than the normal period is experienced or spotting is observed, one must check out for pregnancy.
  • Tiredness: If one is in the initial stage of pregnancy, she may feel tired to the extreme. To deal with the unprecedented tiredness and fatigue, one must take extended bed rest, eat a healthy diet and take sound sleep.
  • Morning sickness: A common early sign of pregnancy is Morning sickness that occurs almost in 80% of the women, nor necessarily confine itself to morning’s only. They feel nauseous and almost majority of them, vomit regularly.
  • Bloating: It is not at all surprising if one starts feeling that the belly is bulging out. The increased progesterone in the body during pregnancy slows down the process of digestion and cause bloating.
  • Funny Taste and Strong Sense of Smell: This is one of the weirdest and the most conventional sign of pregnancy. On and off, mothers during pregnancy often get a strange metallic taste that lingers in their mouth. This is also a time when one starts craving for certain foods and beverages and also becomes sensitive to all forms of taste and smell.
  • Uncontrollable Emotions: Sometimes, too much of mood swings mean that one is now in for a new feeling altogether.

Important Pregnancy Care Tips

When the early symptoms and signs of pregnancy start occurring, there are certain simple guidelines that one needs to follow in order to take care of her and the baby. Some of the pregnancy care tips are:

  • One must drink water as much as possible to keep hydrated. A small added pinch of salt and sugar helps one to get rid of dehydration.
  • Proper rest is very essential during pregnancy. Taking sound sleep after lunch and Dinner is relaxing for the body and is one of the most significant guidelines that is to be followed.
  • One should also try mild exercise to maintain the muscle tone, stamina, proper blood circulation throughout the body.
  • One should be confident enough and search for positive information about pregnancy and childbirth.
  • A suitable healthcare provider is needed who can be associated with the mother from the early stage of pregnancy and give proper nutritional care and support to the mother.
  • During pregnancy, one should join workshops and classes in order to acquire knowledge about how to take care of the baby. The education classes should provide information regarding different aspects of pregnancy and childbirth so that mothers can mentally prepare themselves for the entire journey and process of childbirth.

These are some of the essential tips to be taken care during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience especially knowing the fact that the body is developing the early signs of pregnancy and is on its way of procreation.

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