Sep 25, 2018

Myths About Meditation You Should Stop Believing Now


Meditation is a commonly used but often misunderstood word. Although meditation is talked about a lot, only 200-500 million people globally have adopted it in their daily routine. This is mainly due to people’s lack of understanding about meditation and the acceptance of myths regarding the practice.

Ask anyone what meditation is, and the answer you are likely to get is ‘sitting cross-legged in a quiet room, chanting OM’. But this is not what meditation is. Meditation is a scientific way of controlling your mind and its thoughts. The ambience should ideally be quiet and calm, but meditation can really be performed just about anywhere you choose.

Meditation is a practice or technique in which you try to focus your brain on a particular thing, e.g. an object or a thought to achieve mental clarity and emotional calm. It is a way of transforming your brain into a relaxed state. Meditation aims to transcend the mind and experience one’s essential nature – often described as an amalgamation of peace, happiness, and bliss.

However, there are many myths around meditation that can stop you from practising it in your daily routine. Here are some that you should stop believing now.

Myth: Meditation is concentration

Fact: It is actually de-concentration. Meditation improves concentration by relaxing the mind to achieve a state of deep rest. A relaxed and calm mind is better able to concentrate than a disturbed or scattered one.

The fact is that meditation improves concentration and helps you in performing better.

Myth: Meditation is a religious practice

Fact: Meditation is one of the most ancient forms of relaxation that was created for achieving religious or spiritual goals. But its modern role is not at all related to any religious context. Any person of any religion or even those who don’t believe in religion (atheists) can practice meditation to achieve inner peace and reap its benefits.

The fact here is that there’s nothing religious about meditation; it is essentially done for the health benefits it offers.

Myth: Meditation is only for senior citizens

Fact: Meditation is the art of controlling your brain and making full use of it. As young people are full of thoughts (positive or negative) and need better brain power for increased performance, they are the ones who should meditate to relax their mind and boost its potential. Meditation is universal and beneficial for people of all ages – including kids, young adults, and the elderly.

So, the fact is that meditation can be practised even by kids and is essential for everyone, irrespective of their age.

Myth: The effects of meditation take a long time to appear

Fact: Regular practice of meditation gives both, immediate as well as long-term benefits. You may experience immense benefits even after the first session of meditation, or it may take a few weeks to notice a difference. Several studies show positive effects of a few weeks of meditation on your body and mind. It not only decreases anxiety, improves memory and regulates stress, but also enhances your disease-fighting immunity.

This means that even a few weeks of meditation can show a positive impact on your body and mind.

Myth: Meditation demands a lot of time

Fact: Meditation is all about making a connection with your inner self, and this can happen even in seconds. It may take some time in the initial days, but as you practice regularly, the quality of meditation will improve immensely. It’s been wisely said that something is better than nothing, so even a few minutes of meditation will be better than no meditation at all. In those few minutes your body will produce fewer stress hormones, while your mind, body, and soul will feel refreshed.

The fact here is that a few minutes of meditation can bring immense change to your body, mind, and soul. Regular practice will help you achieve more while doing less in every task.

Myth: Meditation takes you away from your problems

Fact: Meditation enables you to face every problem of life in a better and more sensible way. It does not take you away from anything. It empowers you and nurtures your inner strength so that you can accept any situation as it is and take appropriate actions to solve it.

The fact is that regular practice of meditation not only strengthens your mind but also helps you move ahead swiftly and confidently.

Practising meditation daily can help you live a longer and healthier life. By lowering the stress factor, your anxiety decreases. Meditation not only has a positive impact on emotional health but also reduces the risk of several fatal health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. So don’t let these myths stop you from meditating. Start meditation today!

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