Sep 25, 2018

Here’s Why You Must Take Up Yoga Or Meditation If You Haven’t Already

Yoga Or Meditation

Reduced stress, an enhanced quality of life, better sleep, and improved cardiovascular health are some benefits of yoga and meditation, and this is backed by science as well. Though the number of yoga practitioners has increased by 30% across metros, few of us practice it on a regular basis.

Both yoga and meditation go hand-in-hand and are an ideal form of physical and mental exercise to keep one’s body and mind healthy. But if you are one of those who are still unsure about practising these ancient forms of exercises, do not dither any longer. Here are some solid reasons that will inspire you to take up yoga and meditation right away: 

Improves flexibility: The various postures of yoga help your body to stretch to its maximum and improve your flexibility significantly. It tones the muscles and makes them strong and supple. The yogic posture and meditation also improve your balance and posture. 

Physical and mental strength: Yoga and meditation can help you learn to control both, your body and mind. This not only makes you physically stronger to do various bodily tasks but also improves your mental strength to help you combat stress and emotional trauma.

Boosts health and happiness: Your body and mind work together to ensure good health. Any irregularity in the body affects your mind and any disturbance in mind affects the body. Yoga and meditation not only work on your body to improve organ functioning but also relaxes your mind to reduce stress. Their combined efforts keep your body and mind healthy and happy.

Practicing yoga and meditation regularly calms your mind and controls its thought process to eliminate worries. This makes you feel happy and content in every situation. This is probably why it is called the most natural drug that keeps brain healthy, active, and stress-free.

Reduces stress and mental fatigue: The ever-increasing demand to perform better at school, college, or at the workplace has increased the prevalence of depression in people of all ages. But regular practice of yoga and meditation promotes mindfulness and makes you feel better in every moment. It also improves your ability to handle pressure and makes you more positive and focused.

Fights mental ailments: Like depression, another common health problem that has cropped up lately is migraines. Practising yoga can help you fight a migraine as it relaxes the tension in your muscles, which are either aligned imperfectly or are stressed from staring at a computer or other electronic devices all day long.

Eases physical diseases: Yoga postures and exercises improve the flexibility of the spine and provide relief from back pain. Yoga also provides relief to patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis by benefitting the bones, joints, and muscles. Yoga can eliminate arterial plaque and can even reduce the risk of heart diseases. It also has positive effects on patients with asthma, as many yogic exercises focus on breathing. Yoga and meditation have also been found to aid behavioural problems like mood swings, schizophrenia etc.

Improves sleep quality: Sleep is a vital ingredient of health, along with diet and lifestyle. Good sleep keeps you active and full of energy. Yoga significantly improves your sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety. Similarly, meditation helps in keeping your mind calm and relaxed for more sound sleep. Yoga and meditation are particularly beneficial for those who suffer from insomnia.

Yoga and meditation relax the body and soul for an emotional upliftment. Both of these also increase the levels of oxytocin and serotonin hormones that are responsible for your feeling of happiness and wellness, and hence act as a mood booster.

Now that you know how yoga and meditation can benefit your body, start practising these natural forms of exercise on a daily basis. They will help you stay healthy, active, and happy for the rest of your life.

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