Jul 31, 2015

Have you set your goals for diabetes management?

In order to manage diabetes well, it is important to know and set your goals for diabetes right away. If you don’t know your goals, just get in touch with your doctor and he should be able to guide you.
We have guidelines from international societies and experts below. Talk to your doctor to get the right adjustment for you.


Paratmeter Goal Recommended guideline*
Home Blood glucose reading For Pre Meal or Fasting
130 For Post Meal or Random
Monitor your home blood glucose readings at least 4 times in a week and try to take readings at different times in the day
Exercise Number of days per week and the number of minutes per day 5or more days per week of 30-60 mins each day of brisk walking (or equivalent). It is important to consult your doctor before deciding on which exercise is best for you.
HbA1c (average blood glucose reading measured in a laboratory) <7% Test your HbA1c every 3- months
Food What are the right number of calories for you in a day? Check with your doctor on what are the right calories for you. This would depend on your current weight and height. In general, if you need to lose weight, the doctor will slightly reduce your calories per day.
Medicine What are the medications that you need to take? Here, the doctor is the best to recommend which medication you need to take. He will also look at how to modify the medicines later based on how your body responds, so record your blood sugar regularly along with food intake and exercise.
Blood Pressure Less than 140/80 Check your blood pressure reading once a week. A good blood pressure control is important to avoid future complications related to your heart.
Weight What is your weight target in the next 3 months? If you are overweight, you would have a weight target to reduce your weight by around 10% in the next 3 to six months. If you are underweight, you may have to put on some kilos to be healthier.

*As per American Diabetics Association (ADA) and Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI)

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