Aug 1, 2015

Can I consume Alcohol in Diabetes?

Yes, you can consume alcohol in diabetes. People with diabetes are not barred from having foods and beverages they like, only the consumption quantity goes down. You can savour a glass of your favorite alcoholic drink but in moderate quantities once in a while, regardless of whether you have Diabetes or not.
Just remember “Hypo” (low blood sugar) can occur with alcohol and you must make sure of not skipping a meal after having an alcoholic drink.
You need to know the medically allowed limit of alcohol. The limit for men is 21 units and for women 14 units a week. A small measure of Whisky, Rum, Vodka or Gin, a small glass of Beer or Wine is measured as one unit. It is better to space that rather than taking weekly quota on a day!
Sweet wine or Sherry should be avoided if possible, as they have very high sugar content.

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