Jul 31, 2015

I have diabetes. Can I exercise at home?

For many people with diabetes, exercise means heading out to a health club or walking around the neighborhood. People do not have time to go outdoors for exercise due to pressures of household work, looking after children, ailing parents etc.

But indoor exercise at home can be just as effective for controlling Diabetes. Here are some of the good ones.

Housework: Active housework — vacuuming, dusting, mopping, doing the laundry — provides benefits similar to those of structured exercise. Playing fast-paced music helps increase movement.

Exercise videos: Exercising alone without external encouragement can be difficult. Exercise videos teach new moves in a focused 20- to 30-minute session, with guided warm-up and cool-down sessions. It’s usually not hard to clear out enough space for a workout in front of the TV. Alternating workouts can help prevent boredom. DO consult your Doctor.

Make your own home gym at no cost: There are many kinds of workouts to do indoors: strength training with dumbbells (or water filled 1litre pepsi bottle or bricks); calisthenics, such as push-ups, crunches, and lunges, dancing and walking up and down stairs. Other choices are jumping rope, and dancing, as well as walking up and down stairs. If possible buy a stationary cycle, cycle while watching your favourite serial. Try not to use the cycle to hang clothes

Strapping on a pedometer: This small step-counter that attaches to the belt helps track the number of steps taken during the usual household rounds. Daily totals should be monitored. Ten thousand steps per day is considered a healthy goal.

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