1. What is Histopath?

Histopath is the microscopic examination of biological tissues to observe the appearance of diseased cells and tissues in very fine detail. The main use of histopathology is in clinical medicine where it typically involves the examination of a biopsy (i.e. a surgically removed sample or specimen taken from a patient for the purposes of detailed study) by a specialist physician called a pathologist.

2. Histology – Sample Load Comparisons (2015)
Histology Sample Load Comparisons
3. Cytology – Total sample load for the year 2014-2015
Cytology Total Sample Load
4. Why should you choose LPL for Histopath testing?
  • We are among the largest surgical pathology units in the country and amongst the top 10 in the world with an annual processing of approximately 50,000 Cytology samples and 2,30,000 Histology samples
  • We offer liquid based cytology for gynecology PAP smears and co-testing with HPV typing
  • Oncology services offering including cancer re-section and IHC reporting
  • We perform over 93 IHC markers including all relevant diagnostic and prognostic markers using latest automated techniques
  • ER/PR/HER2 techniques for breast cancer
  • Microsatellite instability for colorectal cancer
  • We are enrolled for PT testing with CAP for surgical path, gyne and non-gynecytology, IHC and ER/PR/HER2
  • Our department is also enrolled with the Indian academy of cytology for equas in cytology
  • LPL histopathology department does specialized work including liver biopsies with all special stains incorporated into the panel
  • We offer specialized dermpath services including different studies and all special stains included in the skin panel
  • Reporting of all cancer resections is done using the cap cancer checklists
  • Proper integration with Lab Information Management System to ensure inclusion of all data elements
Logistics Solution and Best Practices
  • All logistics & shipping operations are in compliance to IATA transportation guidelines
  • Well established systems and procedures for safe and smooth movement of shipments from across the globe in required cold chain conditions
  • LPL partners with the best in class courier companies across the world for handling shipments while maintaining the sample sanctity
  • Only properly trained and experienced staff handle the international shipment operations
  • We ensure online tracking of shipment from the pick-up point to its delivery destination and faster customs clearance at entry ports for immediate delivery
  • If in case a shipment is misrouted / stuck in transit points, dry ice replenishment is arranged through courier partners