• Test Usage:
    Factor V Leiden Mutation is a point mutation that causes resistance of Factor V degradation by Activated Protein C. This mutation carries an 8 fold increased risk for Venous thromboembolism in heterozygous individuals while homozygous carriers show an 80-100 fold increased risk. This assay should be performed in patients with clinically suspected thrombophilia, suspected / proven APC resistance and family history of Factor V leiden mutation. It is also useful in screening women contemplating oral contraceptive use or pregnancy.
  • Report Availability:
    Sample by Mon / Thu 11 am; Report Wed / Sat
  • Sample Report:
8 Diagnostic Centers found for VENOUS THROMBOSIS RISK in Nagpur
  • Shop No.-3, Plot No. 203, Tajshree Vihar, Near Tiranga Chowk, Nandanvan Nagpur, Maharashtra-440009


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  • Plot no 16, Situated at Sneh Nagar, Survey no 29/1 & 29/2, Mouza-Somalwada, Nagpur-440015


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  • Plot No - 345/90, AVG Layout, Chapru NAGAR, C A Road, Nagpur - 440008

    9850302567, 0712-2721110

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  • CO Operative Ramdas Dashrat Kohad, House No.-6, Koshti Pura, Hingna - 441110


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  • 52, Shilp Society, Beltarodi Road, Manish Nagar


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  • Pardeshi Mohalla, Gaddogidam, Nagpur, Maharashtra-440001


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  • Beside Sachin Medical, Plot No. - 18, Pratap Nagar, Nagpur

    7028727516, 7720887748

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  • Rahul Ramchandra Dagwar, Nand Palace Number 788, Umred Road, Nagpur-440009


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