Hemophilia A (Factor VIII deficiency) is the most common severe congenital bleeding X-linked disorder affecting 1:5000 to 10,000 males. Females are usually carriers but can have Hemophilia A if there is unbalanced Lyonization of the normal X-chromosome, Turner's syndrome or daughters of an affected male and a carrier female. Hemophilia B / Christmas disease (Factor IX deficiency) is a severe congenital X-linked bleeding disorder affecting 1:25,000 to 30,000 males. Factor IX activity levels during childhood remain at about 75% of adult levels.

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    Overnight fasting is preferred. Give brief clinical history. It is recommended that patient discontinues Heparin for 1 day and Oral Anticoagulants for 7 days prior to sampling as these drugs may affect test results. Discontinuation should be with prior consent of treating Physician.
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    Sample by Wed / Sat 9 am; Report Fri / Tue
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