Cobalt is widely distributed in the environment and used in the manufacture of hard alloys which are component of joint prosthesis devices. Cobalt salts are also used in the glass and pigment industry. This assay is used to detect Cobalt toxicity and to monitor metallic prosthetic implantware.

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  • Pre-test Information:
    Patient should avoid mineral supplements, Vitamin B12 or Vitamin B Complex 3 days prior to specimen collection. If gadolinium or iodine containing contrast media has been administered, the specimen should not be collected for 96 hours
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    Sample Daily by 6 pm; Report Next day
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  • Pre-test information : Overnight fasting is preferred.
  • Report delivery: Daily
  • Includes: *Hemoglobin *PCV *TLC *RBC Count *MCV*MCH *MCHC *Platelet Count *Automated DLC*Absolute Differential counts *RDW *ESR
` 420.00


  • Pre-test information : Overnight fasting is preferred
  • Report delivery: Daily
  • Includes:
` 400.00