This assay is useful in the diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma and Paraganglioma. It is also used as an auxillary test to Vanil Mandelic Acid & Homovanilic Acid determination in the diagnosis and followup of patients with Neuroblastoma and related tumors.

  • Test Type:
  • Pre-test Information:
    Patient should strictly avoid Alpha-one blockers, Aminophylline, Amphetamines, Ampicillin, Beta-blockers, Ephedrine, Imipramine, Methyldopa, MAO inhibitors, Nicotine, Phenacetin, Phenothiazine, Theophylline, Vasodilators, Aspirin, PAS, Alpha-2 agonists, Bromocriptine, Calcium channel blocke( long term use), Clofibrate, MAO inhibitors, Propranolol, Penicillin, Reserpine, Thyroxine, Alpha-methyldopa, Isoproterenol, Labetalol, Mandelamine, Paracetamol, Cimetidine, Metoclopramide, vigorous exercise, alcoholic beverages, tea/coffee and tobacco at least 72 hours before and during specimen collection.
  • Report Delivery:
    Sample by Wed / Sat 9 am; Report 2 days
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Sample Report