This assay is used to determine the cause of Hypocortisolism & Hypercortisolism states. In a patient with hypocortisolism, an elevated ACTH indicates Primary adrenal insufficiency whereas normal levels are consistent with secondary adranal insufficiency from pituitary or hypothalamic causes. In a patient of hypercortisolism (Cushing's syndrome), a suppressed value is consistent with Cortisol producing Adrenal adenoma/carcinoma, Primary adrenal micronodular hyperplasia & Exogenous corticosteroid use.

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  • Pre-test Information:
    Draw blood between 8–10 a.m.
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    Sample Daily by 4 pm; Report Same day
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  • Pre-test information : Overnight fasting is preferred. Sample must be drawn between 7-9 a.m
  • Report delivery: Daily
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` 550.00