Dr. Kamal Modi

Consultant Biochemist for Clinical Chemistry & Biochemical Genetics

National Reference Laboratory

Dr Lal PathLabs Ltd


  • MBBS, MD, Clinical chemistry dept., Government medical college, Surat


  • Clinical Chemistry, Cytogenetics, Prenatal Screening & Electrophoresis
  • Laboratory Quality Management
  • Immunoassays (CLIA, ECLIA, ELISA, RIA )
  • Member of Association of Medical Biochemist. He is having expertise in validation of Biochemical parameters based on CLIA, eCLIA, Spectrophotometer and gel based electrophoresis.
  • Done one year hands-on training and two year working experience for analysis of karyotyping and FISH related testing under guidance of Dr. Salil Vaniawala at SN Genelab PVT LTD, Surat.
  • He has done NABL training for internal audit as per ISO 15189:2012.

Key Responsibilities:

  • He is responsible for validation of various assays in Biochemistry section at Dr LalPath labs.

Areas of Interest:

  • Analysis and validation of karyotyping and FISH related tests.
  • Routine Biochemical parameters and their clinical correlations,
  • Pre-natal screening.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Clinical application for HPLC, Electrophoresis and Immunofixation studies.
  • Clinical applications of serum tumor markers and genetic markers.

Research & Publications:

  • Dr Nikunj R Patel*, Dr Ketan K Mangukiya*, Dr Jigar Shaherawala*, Dr Sarita Mangukiya*, Dr Kamal Modi*, Dr Shaileshkumar M Patel**, (2013), A Case Of Dermatomyositis With High Calcium Discharge From Skin Nodule, NJIRM 2013; Vol. 4(3).May- June, 159-162
  • Dr. Piyush B. Tailor, Dr. Manisha Kapadia, Dr. Kamal Modi, Dr. Khushbu Soni, (2014), Study of Routine Biochemistry Analytes in Leptospirosis for Evaluating Organ and System Specific Involvement, NJIRM 2014; Vol.5(4). July-August, 44-46
  • Dr. Piyush B. Tailor, Dr Herat D. Soni, Dr Kamal R. Modi, Dr Riddhi R. Patel,(2014), A Case of Multiple Myeloma, SEAJCRR MARCH-APRIL 3(2), 659-662
  • Herat D. Soni*, Manisha P. Kapadia, Kamal R. Modi, S. M. Patel and Puneet Saxena, (2015), Analysis of observed values of glucose, creatinine, bilirubin and ALT examinations in Blood (Serum, Plasma) in hospital population, IJBAR (2015) 6 (06), 462-465
  • Manisha Parshottam Kapadia*, Herat Dineshchandra Soni, Kamal Rajendrakumar Modi, Shailesh Manubhai Patel and Piyush Bharatkumar Tailor, (2015), Cost analysis of clinical chemistry examinations at government run tertiary care center, IJBAR (2015) 6 (06), 495-498
  • Arpan Acharya, Salil Vaniawala, Kamal R. Modi*, Harsh Parekh and Pratap N Mukhopadhyaya, (2016), Detection of heterogeneous FLT3ITD mutant variants in a treatment-naive patient diagnosed of AML, Thane Haematology Group Junior Investigator Awards, Thane.