Primary Histopathologic and Immunohistochemical Diagnosis of Malignant Pheochromocytoma of Adrenal gland-Case report and Review of Literature. Hema Aiyer, Toshima Kukreja and Gaurav Sharma. World Journal of Surgical Medical and Radiation Oncology 2014, 3:11.

Malignant pheochromocytomas (PCC) are rare tumours. In the absence of distant metastasis, diagnosis of malignancy on histological grounds has always been challenging and controversial. We report a case of a 32 Yrs. female who presented with abdominal pain and was incidentally diagnosed as having right adrenal mass. Based on histology (using Pheochromocytoma Adrenal Gland Scaled Score – PASS) and IHC a diagnosis of Pheochromocytoma with features of malignancy was given. Patient underwent excision preceded by NACT and is doing fine till date

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