Histopathology & Cytopathology

  • Department is processing approximately 280,000 sample counts annually
  • About 20% of those cases are reported positive for malignancy
  • We have wide array of approx. 120 IHC antibody markers
  • We have recently launched lung adenocarcinoma IHC panel including p40, ttf1, pdl1 giving cheaper alternative to molecular testing
  • We are one of the very few labs in India doing in-house MSI/ MMR panel by IHC including MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 & PMS2 for colon adenocarcinoma cases
  • Department team includes 70 well experienced technical staff & specialist Pathologist
  • Performs around 120+ tests of various complexities requested to us from all over the country.

Instrument & Equipments

BenchMark XT Slide Staining System (Ventana Roche)

Slide Tray: 30 slides with independent temperature control for each position
Capability: IHC, ISH, and FITC slide processing

  • Optimize protocols with user-selectable options including extended incubation times and varying temperatures
  • Create an optimized environment for the automated preparation of IHC, ISH and FITC slides
  • Choose your own primary antibody or a ready-to-use VENTANA antibody
  • Completely automate baking through staining steps for IHC, ISH and FITC slides
  • Increase laboratory productivity and reduce potential errors
  • Download patient accession and test information from LIS to slide staining system

Nikon ECLIPSE Ci-Ni series Upright Microscope

Eco Friendly

High-intensity, long-life and power saving illumination


Flexible, adjustable design to suit the user’s natural posture

Easy to Use

One-touch operation for microscope* control and image capturing


Flexible observation with a wide range of specimens


Superior optical performance


Wide variety of optional motorized accessories


Intelligent, automatic switching of observation methods

Sakura Tissue-Tek® VIP® 6 (Vacuum Infiltration Processor)

  • Enhanced reagent features for greater productivity
  • Better infiltration—7 mixing options, 3 customizable— option to select the agitation method
  • Greater convenience—automatic transfer of 2 reagents and 1 paraffin during processing
  • Greater efficiency—illuminated cabinet enables observation of reagent levels during processing
  • Instrument features that make processing easier
  • Continuous mixing results in efficient processing
  • Short cycles (110-minute biopsy program) for faster turnaround time
  • Safe, secure, and environmentally friendly
  • Software safeguards protect specimens by monitoring the process
  • Two levels of security ensure data integrity

Our Team of Doctors

Dr. Anand Chandrasekaran Annan

Head Oncopathology

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Dr Abhishek Kumar

Sr. Consultant & In-charge Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

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Dr. Lopamudra Deka

Sr. Consultant & Chief of Academics Program

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Dr. Mamta Arora

Sr. Consultant & Incharge Quality Documentation

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Dr. Shivani Rewri

Sr. Consultant & In-charge Cytopathology

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The Department Staff Structure

  • 17

    Consultant & Scientists
  • 40

    Lab Technicians
  • 12

    Lab Executives

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Histopathology & Cytopathology