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    This assay is useful in the diagnosis & monitoring of Lactic acidosis. Lactate is the end product of anaerobic carbohydrate metabolism. Major sites of production are skeletal muscle, brain and erythrocytes. Lactate is metabolized by the liver. The concentration of lactate depends on the rate of production and the rate of liver clearance. The liver can adequately clear lactate until the concentration reaches approximately 2 mmol/L. When this level is exceeded, lactate begins to accumulate rapidly. Lactic acidosis signals the deterioration of the cellular oxidative process and is associated with hyperpnea, weakness, fatigue, stupor and finally coma. These conditions may be irreversible, even after treatment is administered. Lactate acidosis may be associated with hypoxic conditions like shock, hypovolemia, heart failure, pulmonary insufficiency; metabolic disorders like diabetic ketoacidosis, malignancies; toxin exposures to ethanol, methanol & salicylates.
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