• Test Usage:
    CK-7 is useful in conjunction with CK-20 in determining the site of origin of Adenocarcinomas with unknown primary. In normal tissues, CK-7 is found in a large number of cell types including many ductal and glandular epithelia (biliary and pancreatic ducts, lung alveoli, breast, ovary, endometrium, renal collecting ducts, urothelium, thyroid, placental trophoblasts and mesothelium).
  • Report Availability:
    Sample Daily by 6 pm; Report Block: 5 days Tissue Biopsy: 5 days Tissue large complex : 7 days
  • Sample Report:
43 Diagnostic Centers found for IMMUNOHISTOCHEMISTRY, CYTOKERATIN- 7 (CK-7) in Gurgaon