1. What is Cytogenetics?
  • Active development of leading-edge genetic assays
  • Prenatal aneuploid screening
  • Pharmacogenetic tests
  • Chromosome microarray
  • DNA testing available by buccal swab
2. Automation in Cytogenetics
Automation in Cytogenetics Features Methods of Spreading  Chromosome
3. Why should you choose LPL for Cytogenetics testing?
  • We are among the largest surgical pathology units in the country and amongst the top 10 in the world with an annual processing of approximately 50,000 Cytology samples and 2,30,000 Histology samples
  • Accurate, reliable results made available in a timely manner
  • The only lab in the country to offer Interphase chromosome profiling-a novel and disruptive technology for POC and ICP
  • Only lab in the country to offer full automation in metaphase and FISH scanner by GSL 120 (Lieca)
  • The Cytogenetics Laboratory provides comprehensive testing services. We offer:
  • Chromosome analysis for prenatal samples, peripheral blood, bone marrow, lymphomas and solid tumors
  • FISH (fluorescence in situ hybridization) assays and many probes that are available only at the LPL Cytogenetics Laboratory
  • Microarray assays for congenital (pre- and postnatal) disorders