CSR Policy

The Company proposes to conduct the CSR activities through a Foundation which shall undertake such activities for the benefit of the society and community in which the Company operates. The CSR initiatives shall include the following activities within the overall ambit of Schedule VII to the act, which may be enlarged from time to time as decided by the CSR Committee.

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We envision to build a healthy nation and improve lives of the community through high quality and preventive health care initiatives


To ensure improved health and well-being of communities by promoting preventing healthcare and investing in programs, partnerships and ideas that spreads awareness, take preventive action and diagnostic measures for community we serve. We work in the areas of Non- communicable diseases, Adolescent healthcare, Geriatric care, Public healthcare initiatives, Water & sanitation and Creating employment opportunities in healthcare. Additionally, Lal PathLabs Foundation shall endeavour to work closely with different stakeholder like NGOs, likeminded Organizations and the Government to achieve the outlaid intents for the communities we serve



Chairman and Managing Director

It is a fact that in India there are two pressing issues with regard to healthcare. One is the rising incidence of Non-communicable diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiovascular diseases which places a significant disease burden on an already overloaded healthcare system. The other is the severe paucity of skilled and well trained manpower in healthcare. Further there are large sections of society who are unaware of the rising incidence of NCD’s and also do not have access to proper healthcare. So we need to solve the problem at both ends – increase awareness on NCD’s as well as increase the pool of skilled healthcare workers. It was in 2010, that we established the Lal PathLabs Foundation with a vision of a sustainable development of the society. The foundation has launched initiatives in two important yet overlooked fields. i.e. Non Communicable Diseases and Skill development.


CEO & Whole Time Director

Lal PathLabs foundation is our CSR initiative where our objective is to use our extensive experience and expertise in healthcare services for the betterment of society. Instead of the generic one-off donation method, our approach is to have well- structured and streamlined projects that yield positive and quantitative results. Hence, Lal PathLabs foundation has built exhaustive projects in Non Communicable Diseases and Skill development. We have made an impactful beginning with these projects. We expect that these initiatives will make a significant difference in the communities and lead them towards living healthier happier lives.



Lal PathLabs Foundation in association with the Voluntary health association of India (VHAI) initiated Arogya. Arogya is a Community Based Intervention on Non-communicable Diseases Prevention and Control in Kamrup, Assam.

We chose this district solely because non-communicable diseases in Assam accounts for 51.2 % of the total disease burden in the state. This unique initiative was launched with the objective of creating awareness among the populace about non-communicable diseases and its associated risk factors and also helping in early diagnosis and treatment of the patient through community based screening and proper referrals.

Non Communicable Diseases Testing and Awareness programme

Lal PathLabs foundation in coordination with State Programme Management Unit (SPMU) – NHM Uttar Pradesh implemented a project in Varanasi (UP) as part of NPCDCS initiative.

This initiative was undertaken for the assessment of risk factor by awareness, education and opportunistic screening at Community Health Centre and District Hospital level. This project focused on people above the age of 30 years and all pregnant mothers. Such screening involved simple clinical examination comprising of relevant questions and easily conducted physical measurements such as blood pressure, body weight, BMI, testing of venous blood sample for random blood sugar level and serum cholesterol. The target of this project was to examine one-lakh patients in the Varanasi district (UP) and it has been a huge success.

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Skill Development

Rural Phlebotomist Entrepreneurship Development Program

The Rural Phlebotomist Entrepreneurship Programme was organized to create a sustainable and dignified livelihood opportunity for the rural youth in their community.

The objective of the programme is to train rural youth in Phlebotomy Technician and develop them as successful micro-entrepreneurs. Additionally, the programme offers support in setting up collection centres and business handholding. This provides a sustainable livelihood for the rural youth raises healthcare awareness and aids in quality and affordable diagnostics, in rural communities. This project is being implemented by our NGO partner, Institute for Livelihood Research and Training (ILRT) which is a part of B-Able Basix Group.

Centre for Excellence

The ‘Centre for Excellence’ has been established by Lal PathLabs Foundation for skill development training in the area of healthcare service providers.

This establishment provides state-of-the-art training adhering to the norms laid down by the Ministry of Skill Development, to the unemployed and underprivileged youths in the field of Medical Laboratory Technologies and Phlebotomy. The centre is affiliated with Health Sector Skill Council and Indian Medical Association.

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Other CSR Initiatives

LPL Foundation under its CSR initiatives also supported multiple small projects in diverse areas such as

  • Budha Education Foundation under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to install 75 Units of dustbins in North - West Delhi
  • Posh Foundation for animal welfare where we support the organization for treatment and rehabilitation of stray dogs
  • Indian Medical Association for Kerala Flood relief
  • Paryas Society project to provide dengue-testing kits for down trodden community
  • Sai Ashish Society for Spastic Children to support special children
  • Delhi Common Wealth Women Association for the TB eradication programme
  • Rotary Service Trust, Gurgaon for treatment of children suffering from Thalassemia
  • Rasika Ranjani Sabha to conduct general awareness on general health, diagnosis and medicines for underprivileged girls
  • Gagan Narang Promotion of Sports Promotion Foundation for Indian shooters for health check-up for athletes to facilitate improved performance at National & International Level
  • Saajha to work in Government Primary Schools to strengthen SMC and community involvement
  • The Lepra Trust India to support Leprosy affected families
  • Piramal Foundation to install a water treatment plant at a government Primary and Junior High School in Nagina, Mewat Haryana
  • Akshay Patra to support underprivileged children for mid-day meal
  • Help Care Society to distribute blankets among underprivileged children
  • National CSR Network for a campaign on Blood Pressure to generate awareness and on spot testing
  • Supported to Soldierathon, a special edition of marathon instituted to commemorate the Indian Martyrs who have laid their lives for our country. It was a road-running event slated to take place in the national capital – Delhi on March 11th, 2018
  • Donated laptops and desktop computers for leprosy-affected people and their families who are not affected but being supported for Education Scholarships
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