Dr Lal PathLabs diagnostic centres provide a wide range of health screening solutions along with value added services that include state-of-the-art pathology, radiology and cardiology services. In today’s hectic lifestyle where stress breeds many silent diseases, a thorough checkup is the easiest way to detect and fight diseases before it is too late. The Health Packages from Dr Lal PathLabs are specifically designed keeping in mind that not all diseases produce early warning signs and aim to provide accurate detection of such diseases.

Our Offerings

  • Annual Health Checkups
  • Privilege Discounts
  • Pre-employment Health Checkups
  • Drug Testing & Hazardous Testing

Corporate lifestyles are changing and so are the disease patterns. Stress, sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, poor diet and work pressure make periodic Health Checkup a must. A timely detection can ensure you a long and healthy life ahead. Recommended age group: 30-50 years.

In today's fast paced lifestyle, we are often too busy to pay attention to our health and as a result often fall prey to many silent diseases. Get a regular checkup today and ensure good health at the earliest. Recommended age group: 20-35 years.

It involves basic investigations required to determine the candidate's medical fitness for employment. It gives the employer an assurance on candidate's overall state of health.

We offer a comprehensive test menu to screen your current and potential employees against a range of Drugs.

How do we do it?

  • 1

    Personalized Mobile App

    Book a Test anytime anywhere even outside your workplace

  • 2

    Lifetime Cumulative Reports

    Employees can understand the treatment progress by seeing the trends

  • 3

    Home or Office – We cover it all

    Pan India Coverage: 100+ Cities

  • 4

    Lightning Fast Reports

    Accuracy with Speed of delivery is our forte

  • 5

    Online HR Wellness Portal

    Managing your Company’s wellness is now as easy as booking a cab

  • 6

    Disease Management Program

    Improving employee health and reducing absenteeism

  • 7

    Customized Wellness Program

    Tailor made programs to suit every employee’s needs

  • 8

    Health Risk Assessment

    Identifying & controlling risks and suggesting ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • 9

    End to End Automation

    We take care of everything so that you can focus on your Core function

Success Stories

Dr Lal PathLabs team put in lot of hard work and diligent effort in organizing health checkup on our premises. We are grateful to the team and value their contribution
Sanjeev Pathak, Jubilant Chemsys
All tests went very well! It was an excellent experience
Dr Annalakshmi J, Mylan Pharamaceuticals
Thanks a lot for professional services from Lal path lab , the checkup was done in an organized and timely manner with person friendly.Reports found with in time frame without any error
M.K. Tyagi, Graziano Trasmission India

Our Clients

We are working with India’s top corporates as their wellness partner. Click Here to see the ever growing list of our clients.

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