Aug 1, 2015

What should I do if I notice my blood sugar going low?

If your blood sugar is below 90, you have to try and bring it back up. If it reaches below 70, you are in hypoglycaemia and you would start to lose concentration and ability to take care of yourself. It is also very useful to let your loved ones or friends know what are the signs and symptoms that they should look out for so they can help you in the right way.

For low blood sugar, you could take the following foods that will help bring your sugar back up.

Food Item Amout
Orange or apple juice 1/2 cup
Grape or cranberry juice 1/3 cup
Soft drink with sugar 1/2 cup
Honey 1 tablespoon
Sugar packets 4
Toffees 3-4
Raisins 7-8 pieces
Glucose 3-4 tablespoons
Skim or low fat milk 1 cup

Within 15 minutes of treatment, you should feel better. Test your glucose. If it is still less than 70, or you don’t feel better, take another snack. If the blood glucose level does not improve after this, call the doctor.

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