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A unique personalized diabetes care & engagement program for you

As a diabetic you have unique set of needs based on years of suffering, managing glucose control variations, medications, diet control, need for associated tests & meeting various doctors. Hence a personalized diabetes care & engagement program to address your diabetes needs that can help you lead a care free life.

This highly personalized diabetes care & engagement program helps answer many questions that include when should you get tested & for what, what should you eat, should you travel alone overnight, how to handle symptoms of hypoglycemia, how much to exercise, are your children at risk & many more.

Why Dr Lal Pathlabs personalized diabetes care & engagement program

  • India's first one-on-one program for diabetics - highly personalized care through regular engagement.
  • Introducing first time in India, availability of test results on mobile phone, color coded high or low value lab test depicted graphically, specialist advice, timely updates, tips on exercise & lifestyle all customized to your individual needs.
  • Personalized engagement with our special consultant & counselor, facilitating appointments with specialized doctors, emergency advice in case of panic values & much more
  • Diet management consultation based on your lab results, weight, medications, exercise & any related condition
  • Yet another first from India's oldest and most reputed laboratory, testing over 30,000 patients a day that understands Indians and their needs betters


  • diabetescare programI am following the advice diligently and am happy to show the scale tipping 25 kilos less from January 2015 and 35 kilos less from 2013. My target is to lose at least another 10 kilos by the end of this year and I will need your support in helping me achieve this goal. I would like to place on record that you have more than made up for it with your professionalism and the personal involvement.

    Jyotika Rao

    Referring my counselling session with DCP counsellor it was immensely useful. Dr discussed in details each and every aspect of the diabetes and allied issues. I feel a better learned patient much more educated after today's counselling session. Counsellor brought forth some of the observations and issues which even some of the senior doctors in MEDANTA never spoke about in my last 4 years of interaction with them. To conclude an extremely useful counselling session and GOD bless the doctor.

    Puneet Chowdhary

  • Today's session of counselling was extremely useful. Advice on my blood sugar levels are very assuring and confidence building. On today's advice regarding taking some milk and biscuits at bed time and giving fasting sample next morning , basically maintaining 9 hrs gap for fasting, will try to do so. Counsellor's special efforts to counsel me on the implications of low blood sugar and precautions to be taken made me well aware.

    JK Thapar