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Evacuated Collection Devices
Major laboratory errors can be attributed to non-analytical factors such as specimen collection, packaging and transportation. In this regard the CLSI (previously called NCCLS) recommends the usage of evacuated collection devices (vacutainers) for collecting blood specimens.
Colour coded ‘Vacutainer' tubes are used according to the specimen type required namely serum, plasma or whole blood.
  • Grey Top: Potassium oxalate and Sodium fluoride
  • Green Top: Sodium heparin
  • Lavender Top: Potassium EDTA
  • Red Top: No preservative, gel or anticoagulant
  • Red/Golden Yellow Top: Gel barrier for serum separation (SST)
  • Lemon Yellow Top: Acid citrate dextrose (ACD)
  • Royal Blue Top Acid washed metal free with EDTA (plasma/whole blood) and without EDTA (serum)
  • Blue Top (Light Blue): Sodium citrate
Draw blood in the colour coded Vacutainer tube. For serum or plasma draw about 2–2.5 times the requested volume. For serum, allow the blood to clot for at least 30 min. and separate by centrifugation. For plasma, mix the blood with the anticoagulant by gently inverting the tube 8–10 times and separate by centrifugation. Transfer the serum or plasma to a plastic transport tube available from Dr Lal PathLabs.

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*Only Pathology reports available online. For X-Ray, Ultrasound, ECG, TMT, Echo, PFT, Uroflowmetry reports,
please visit the concerned centre where test has been conducted.
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